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Survival of the Meek

Over 150 years ago, Charles Darwin published his now-famous book, On the Origin of Species. In it, he proposed a new concept: the theory of evolution (today most commonly called the law of evolution). Central to Darwin’s theory was a pattern which he saw in his studies of nature. Today it is referred to as “the survival of the fittest.”

In brief, Darwin observed that, in the animal kingdom, it is the strongest, smartest, and quickest animals who dominate. Thus, they have prime access to both food and a mate, and therefore are the most likely to survive and to procreate, passing on their qualities to following generations.

Whatever one might think of Darwin’s theory, we can’t help but acknowledge that the survival of the fittest is a principle commonly accepted as true in human culture. Winners are lauded, losers are shamed. Billions of dollars are spent annually on books, classes, and other programs that promise to make you a little stronger, a little smarter, and a little faster than the next guy.

In fact, this thinking prevailed long before Darwin wrote his book. A study of human history shows us that only those who dominate are remembered. And in our day, everyone seems to agree that, in academics, athletics, business, and all human endeavor, “winning is the only thing.” If only the fittest survive, then I must strive to be the fittest, whatever the cost.

Jesus, however, had a different message.

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