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God bless you and welcome to the website for Scriptural Study Groups, located in Central Ohio.
Columbus Ohio

This website is designed primarily for the use and convenience of those who participate in Scriptural Study Groups, and therefore some sections might not be applicable to all visitors.  However, we hope that the Scriptural resources will be of benefit to all who desire a deeper appreciation of the Word of God.

Scripturally Speaking
Rivers Of Blessing

The moment when a man or woman chooses to believe on Jesus Christ, that individual is changed — a new life is created within. Nothing further needs to be added, for that person is now complete in Christ. However, there is one important truth that the Christian needs to recognize in order to begin enjoying that new life: learning and believing God’s Word is of paramount importance.

Many Christians feel that the study of God’s Word is a troublesome but necessary religious duty. Others approach God’s Word more positively, and find in it a source of comforting sayings, intellectual satisfaction, or conversation starters.

But God is very clear as to why He gave His Word. As His people, we need to learn to think in a new way. Previously, our thoughts were formed by the world around us and were guided by the words of wicked and unreasonable men. Such thoughts do not produce a Godly life!

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