About Scriptural Study Groups

Scriptural Study Groups is a non-denominational fellowship founded to further the knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures among all people, regardless of religious background. It accepts all who are questing for truth, and no membership agreement is required. Participants are bound together only by mutual believing and the love of God.

Scriptural Study Groups conducts a weekly Sunday service at our Scriptural Study Center in Columbus, Ohio, Columbus Ohio
as well as smaller meetings specific to the needs of men, women, teens, children, leaders, and other common groups. Periodically, the fellowship holds seminars and camps focusing on particular aspects of study. Central to the work of Scriptural Study Groups is the formation and equipping of independent but affiliated in-home study groups that emphasize both the study and application of Biblical truth.

In all aspects of our ministry, we are persuaded that the Scriptures contain everything we need for life and godliness, we are committed to conducting our operations in a manner that is true to the Scriptures, and we are endeavoring to study the Scriptures in a Scriptural fashion (i.e., examining sections of God’s Word in light of the whole of God’s Word rather than in the light of tradition, opinion, or man-made rules of study).